Dreamagining – Visual Art Experience
A self development workshop
(free entrance)

Sept 17th-19th (3 days) 12am-6pm
place: soon TBC (central Oslo)

Self development visual workshop led by Patrycja Mastej offers an inward journey to express oneself through image. Create your own graphical voice in dialog of strengthening polish – norwegian bonds.

Highly recommended for anyone anyone engaged in healing work. Max. number of participants: 12 people.

During this workshop we will dive back into our childhood play of senses in order to discover new ways of communication acting upon our intuition. Patrycja will prepare a sort of visual alphabet which will stimulate metaphorical thinking and freedom of expression. We will use the language of  images and symbols as a tool for both self-discovery and as an element of social integration. The result of the process will be creation of a visual composition in order to decode their previous meanings. We will look into that and find answers to what an image wants to tell us.

Previous creative experiences are not needed.

Tell us more about yourself, feel free to elaborate:

1. Does it happen to you to  hang your eyes on something for no reason?

2. Have you made collages before, or have you played with this technique? If so, what topic did you move on, and what materials did you use?

3. Do you enjoy being surprised by the phenomena you observe? What do you like to look at?

Would you like to join?

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