Picture book

September 14–18th (5 days)
Uranienborg terrasse 11, Oslo

A visual artist, art historian and lecturer Karol Krukowski will teach you how to tell a story in the form of a picture book – a combination of text and image. In this workshop we will search for the identity of the city and its inhabitants in order to find a new quality born between words and pictures.

The text does not describe what the image does, and the image does not illustrate the text. It is precisely in the combination of these two seemingly separate narratives where the tension and the meaning arise. Geographical places will become the subject of the story and they tell their own story, the story of the city and its inhabitants. To build collective awareness of what a city is, safe solutions are often used in the form of monuments or memorial posters.

The workshop concludes with a presentation of picture book mockups.

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