The Root of a Song  – a collective exploration of human vacality

A vocal performer and music therapist Paulina Miu invites us to turn on an organic instrument that every human has – our voice. This is a vocal workshop suitable for everyone regardless of any previous singing experience which finishes with an outcome of a collective singing performance.

What is the meaning of singing a really old song together? Do we still teach songs across generations? Pandemic reality has deprived us from collectiveness, life music experiences but also made our voices unheard. During this workshop we will build awareness of using our own voice through an archaic technique called “ a white voice” or “ an open throat singing” by using an old slavic song. By reaching the absolute human loudness we will prepare a small vocal performance. Make your voice sound and vibrate in composition with the voices of others to boost post-pandemic collective processes.

No previous vocal experience needed. Discover the hidden power of your voice and find out how it feels to sing a song together that is coming from the deepness of your body.

1. If you could imagine your voice as an animal, what it would be?

2. Why would you like to take part in this workshop?

3. Do you have any experience in singing or vocal performing? If yes, describe it shortly.

4. If you could use one word describing your relation with your own voice, what word would that be?

Would you like to join?

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