Contemporary Polish Arts & Culture Festival We Do – 3rd Edition

15 – 19.09.2021

The 3rd edition of Polish Festival of Contemporary Arts & Culture consists of various workshops, art experiences, movie screenings and concerts. Join us for a 5 days long culture experience, with no entrance fee!

For this year’s edition we choose Tolerance and Equality as the background theme for all that WeDo presents, performs and stands for.

We aim to attract not only the Poles, but the whole multicultural audience living in Oslo, by presenting vibrant artistic initiatives where tradition meets modernity. Our programme in its participatory nature is based on co-creation between the participants and Polish artists.

Let’s fill up Oslo’s space with creative vibrations of Polish voices, which for long have been an integral part of the rapidly developing capital of Norway.

Workshops (gratis)

A Visual Art Experience

Sept 17-19th (3 days)
Place: soon TBC (central Oslo)

A self development visual workshop led by Patrycja Mastej offers an inward journey to express oneself through an image.

By using the power of your intuition and collage technique, create your own graphical voice. Each participant will take their piece of art home. Highly recommended for anyone engaged in healing work.

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During this workshop we will dive back into our childhood play of senses in order to discover new ways of communication acting upon our intuition. Patrycja will prepare a sort of visual alphabet which will stimulate metaphorical thinking and freedom of expression. We will use the language of  images and symbols as a tool for both self-discovery and as an element of social integration. The result of the process will be creation of a visual composition in order to decode their previous meanings. We will look into that and find answers to what an image wants to tell us. Previous creative experiences are not needed.

The Root of a Song
A Human Vocal exploration

Sept 16-19th (4 days)
5-8pm (Th) 1-6pm (Fr+Sat) 4-6pm (Sun)
Place: St. Edmund’s Church, Møllergata 30

A vocal performer and music therapist Paulina Miu invites us to switch on an organic instrument which we all have – our voice. This vocal workshop is suitable for everyone, regardless of any previous singing experience. The outcome of our music therapy experience will be a collective singing performance.

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What does singing a really old song together mean? Do we still teach songs across generations? The pandemic reality has deprived us from collectiveness and experiencing live music – but also, it made our voices unheard. Discover the hidden power of your voice and find out how it feels to sing together a song, which is coming from the true deepness of your body.

During this workshop we will rebuild awareness of using our own voice through an archaic technique of singing an old slavic melody, called “a white voice” or “an open throat singing”. While reaching the absolute human loudness, we will prepare a small vocal performance. Make your voice sound and vibrate in composition with the voices of others to boost post-pandemic collective processes.

No previous vocal experience required!

Results of your work will be presented publicly during the Festival’s Grande Finale at Akershus Høymagasinet (19.09).

Documentary Film
A Visual Storytelling

Sept 15-19th (5 days)
Place: Polish Embassy’s Villa, Uranienborg terrasse 11

Requirements: bring your own filming tool (preferably a camera than a phone). The minimum age is 18. Previous experience is not needed, but will be an asset.

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You will work in small (ca 3 ppl) groups, gaining a full film production experience: writing a script, understanding film language, working with the camera, sound, direction and editing.

Each group will create a short documentary from scratch, on a subject they find important and interesting. Result of your work will be screened during the publically during the Festival’s Grande Finale at Akershus Høymagasinet (19.09).

To participate in the workshops you need to bring your own equipment and prepare a topic of your future film. If you already have a particular character in mind, please make sure that he or she will be accessible for you during the workshops.

Documentary film screenings (gratis)

VEGA SCENE, Hausmanns gate 28

Sept 15th (5pm) 16th (7pm) 18th (7pm)
Booking (free pass) on

On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (15th, 16th, 18th of September) VEGA Scene will host our open film screenings, followed by Q&A with the authors.

The female voice for equality in the film world is something WeDo wants to support. This is why this year’s programme was prepared in cooperation with HER DOCS, a Polish film festival focused on female film directors and the topics important to them. We would like to see this event as a contribution to the discussion on the situation of female film directors in both Poland and Norway.

The opening screening (Sept 15th) will be the “Lessons of Love”, an awarded and internationally acclaimed film, directed by Małgorzata Goliszewska and Kasia Mateja.




17th of September, 19.00 Blå

Ina West – creates trance, new wave electronics with elements of folk and jazz. Polish producer, author of music and lyrics, combining the minimalistic coldness of Portishead’s sound with Die Antwoord’s concert energy. During live performances, she serves a combination of classical instruments, dance beats and raw vocal harmonies. Bright and iridescent act. Elevation above decorum and caution.



17th of September, 22.00 Blå

Ifi Ude is an independent Polish artist with Nigerian roots who freely crosses the borders of music, art and theater. From the beginning of her artistic path she spreads  the multicultural awareness in Poland and abroad. Ifi is a rising star of the alternative scene, creating in the ambiente of world music, boldly combining electronics with Polish ethno – folk music linking it with her African roots.


19th of September, 18.00 Høymagasinet

For 13 years DAGADANA have been doing their great job at blending elements of Polish and Ukrainian culture with jazz, electronica and world music. They cross the boundaries between nations and erase the barrier between the audience and the stage (25 countries so far) proving that honesty in music is a guarantee of an amazing, mystical adventure and a rich exchange between people.  At the same time DAGADANA remain faithful ambassadors of Slavic culture.

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