O projekcie

We Do Film is a 3-day documentary screenings project. The movies come from the HER Docs Film Festival dedicated to the productions of female filmmakers. It’s a form of a statement and presentation of already widely awarded movies, which present difficult and challenging stories.

We Do Workshops are truly engaging activities that bring up creativity, connect participants and draw our attention to the present moment. Those moments with particular people in a particular place, recognizing and understanding the relations between humans, places and the connections to ourselves.

“Picture book” workshop by Karol Krukowski is a form of a creative story-building the city’s identity and its inhabitants. The narratives will be presented on memorial posters during the final day of the festival.

“Migrating Voices” workshop will take us on a journey through Ukrainian vocal polyphony. Paulina Miu will guide us through an experience of how it feels to sing an old wandering song together. A generational song that resounded in fields, chambers, kolkhozes and home gardens, was recently heard on the streets of Berlin during a video-sound installation as a vocal manifest supporting Ukraine. The audience of We Do will have a chance to hear „Zelenaya Vyshnya” on the final day of the festival.

“Sound therapy” – health awareness workshop with Kasia Szymkow will allow participants to explore the effects of sound vibrations on their own body. She will guide them through touching, playing, and feeling instruments to find medicine and tools on how to tune and regulate our body, free it from blockages, tensions and regain its balance.

We Do Public Space. Deep Control Collective is an artistic trio formed by a musician, a photographer and a videomaker. They will show in the public space the second part of a performative installation presented during the 3rd edition of We Do Festival – “(RE)CONSTRUCTION Body as transformation landscape”. Through eclectic movements, costumes and interaction with objects they will explore aspects of life fluidity and overwhelming everyday changes. The performance aims to show how these experiences are influencing our physical – self and how they are further being manifested in our behaviors, memories and symbols.

We Do has selected two unique bands for this year’s event. Safario is one of the hottest hips in Norway these days. A Polish rapper singing in English has gathered heaps of attention in the last few years. His synthesized music style finds its expression mainly in hip hop but we can also feel a pleasant bouncing vibe with some punk elements. His concerts are famous for a unique atmosphere where there is space not only for music but also for a true connection and conversations with fans.

“Coals” is a duet from Silesia in Poland. This rapidly expanding collaboration will serve us dreamy ethereal pop with elements of electronics and folk music. Thanks to melancholic electric female vocals and original references to contemporary music, the band quickly became internationally famous. Many times Coals have been called a ”Scandinavian breeze of Poland”.