Documentary Film Workshop
(free entrance)

Sept 15th-19 (5 days) 10am-6pm
Place: Polish Embassy’s Villa, Uranienborg terrasse 11

Apply for free documentary film workshop conducted by a highly specialized and experienced team of instructors who have been successfully working this way for seven years as part of the Laboratory Cruise project.

You will work in small, around 3-person groups, gaining experience writing a script, understanding film language, working with camera, sound, production, direction and editing. Each group will create from scratch a short documentary on a subject that they will find important and interesting. Films created during the workshops will be screened publically on the final day of the festival.

To participate in the workshops you need to bring your own equipment and think about the topic of your film and the main character that will be accessible for you during the workshops.  Previous experience is an asset. The minimum age is 18.

Tell us more about yourself, feel free to elaborate:

1. Why do you think that the documentary film workshop is for you?

2. Do you have any documentary experience and skills? If so, which ones?

3. Do you have any film equipment, i.e. for sound recording or editing? If so, what equipment?

Would you like to join?

Please tell us