30/08 – 3/09 (Wed-Sun)
11.00–13.30 (group A)
14.30–17.00 (group B)
Henie Onstad Kultursenter

Embroidery can be not only beautiful but also practical, serving as a communication tool and a contemporary form of activism. During the workshops led by artist Olga Budzan, we will explore the magic of urban embroidery. Using various techniques, we will transfer our own unique impressions onto fabric. Our main inspiration will be the  urban nighttime landscape with its picturesque lights, dynamic atmosphere, and architecture.

During the four embroidery sessions, under Olga Budzan’s guidance, we will create unique patterns using threads, embroidery floss, and reflective tape. Our main project will be a portrait of the nighttime city, which will be embroidered on items that participants bring to the workshop – it can be clothing, bags, lightweight jackets, or napkins. It is important that the fabric you want to embroider on is not too stiff or thick.

Join our creative group led by Olga Budzan and discover how embroidery can become a form of expression and a way to communicate with the surrounding world of the nocturnal metropolis. Regardless of your level of experience, we provide an atmosphere full of inspiration and support. Join us to create unforgettable urban embroideries!

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